3 hour, 13 minute investment

by Rob Bertholf

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Duration: 00:20:08

Module 1: de_What is Branding?

In this module, you will begin to explore the makings of a brand, branding terminology, and the importance of branding. You’ll also look at a "brand formula" and "brand equity formula" as a way to better visualize and demystify branding.

Duration: 00:23:16

Module 3: de_Personality

In this module we will start to humanize our brand by giving it a personality both verbally and visually.  This allows our customers to relate to us and gives us a consistent guideline for interacting as the brand.

Duration: 00:41:05

Module 4: de_Presentation

In this module, you’ll let your positioning and personality guide how you present your brand to the world. You will define what you are called and create your brand's face—what your customers will identify you by.

Duration: 00:13:24

Module 5:

Let’s get your brand out there. In this module you will wear and become your brand, stepping out into the world, and into the world wide web.

Rob Bertholf
Rob Bertholf


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