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de_Browsing the Web


de_Web Browser

Commonly referred to as a browser, this is a program on your computer or phone that lets you request information from the World Wide Web. There are a number of browsers on the market. Companies want in the browser market as they can then collect usage data. This is why companies like Google develop and maintain browsers at no charge to the consumer. As of 2017, according t... Read more

de_Hypertext Markup Language

As mentioned, HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language which is considered the language of the web. A HTML document is a plain text file that is read by a the browser. An HTML document is made up of a few different sections. In newer versions of HTML we start by including a document type and then a series of other HTML tags that give the browser instructions on how to displ... Read more


de_We have used the term HyperText a lot, it is the first two characters in HTML. The core of HTML is its ability to connect files on the web. In order to jump from one page to another, you can type in its web address or click on a “Hyperlink” which takes you to another page or URL. In terms of links on the web, a link is a hyperlink and the text is “anchored” to the link tha... Read more